The art of cannabis
growing in an INDOOR facility

The Art of


Trichome is proud of its innovative cannabis cultivation that complies with the genetic lineage and history of each strain. We are committed to providing patients with hand trimmed cannabis flowers that provides an experience never seen before in Israel.

Quality. Availability. Reliability - that is our craft.





Innovative high-tech growing facility

Agricultural technology coupled with pharmaceutical standards.

International standardization

Trichome produces cannabis flowers that rival international high-quality standards thanks to our unique advanced growing facility and processes.

International cannabis experts

Our growers rely on expertise and knowledge provided by world renowned cannabis growers. The experts cumulate over 30 years of experience in the field of medical cannabis.

INDOOR Facility

For medical cannabis growing

The high standards of our medical cannabis flowers are achieved thanks to our advanced industrial indoor cultivation facility. The growing is performed on a two-tiered (2 levels) surface. The environment is controlled precisely and consistently by an advanced climate control system. Trichome clients deserve the best.

Our varieties

Our Experts

Tony Levy

Founder and CEO

Reuven Avisar

Founder and Deputy CEO

Steve Abboud

Production Manager and Chief Grower

Alon Bilu

Chief Agronomist

Gunes Penso

Senior Grower

Alon Tuplin

Senior Grower

Advisory Board

Stefan Meyer

International Cannabis Consultant

Dr. Salvatore Cassano

Genetic Consultant for Development and Conservation of Strains

Dr. Javier Nadel

Quality Engineering Consultant


Premium Brand


Inhouse Production and Packing


Business Collaborations


Our Growing Facility